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It Gets Better

July 15, 1990 my mom gave birth to a baby boy in the form a baby girl, my journey started there and has been one heck of a ride since.


I was a happy kid with the exception of a taste of self hate, I knew i cared about others, i knew i had everything that i could ever want, but i was so unhappy on the inside and being just a small child at the age of six i knew something was wrong, but how do you tell anyone whats going on in your head when you're not sure what it is yourself...

Years went by and i tried harder and harder to be some kind of "normal", looking for something that i could accept myself as, nothing seemed right.


 for years i lived as a lesbian and even in those years i was the happiest and most miserable i had ever been, i started to hate people around me, i became jealous and angry at everything, i didn't even recognize myself.

I turned my back on God, i turned my back on family, I turned my back on myself, i just wanted to end it, i wanted to stop suffering, i wanted to stop worrying my mom, and most of all i just to start over.

So there i was on the edge of death, ready to just end it all and in that moment the girl that stepped into my life, that i tried so hard to push away, saved me..

hating so much to see me suffer she began helping me research and figure things out, finally we came to the conclusion that i am transgender.

Just having something so right to call myself, a weight i never knew could, lifted off of my shoulders.


 i now knew i was going to get to be who i was born to be

Aiden Alexander Summers. 

The struggle of finding myself will never be completely over and everyday is a new adventure, i had to learn how to stop giving up on myself and for what i believe, and as cliche as it sounds.. 

One day it will get better..

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