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Ken Messier

Retired US Navy Corpsman

My name is Ken Messier I grew up in the middle of Connecticut in the 60’s in a widely culturally diverse city. My grandfather on my mother's side was Italian and a good majority of our neighborhood was also Italian. Most ethnic groups kept to themselves as I learned very young, but we all got along together and enjoyed each other’s food. When I was about twelve years old, I can remember inviting a friend from school over and since we walked to and from school it was not an issue back then. So, I asked Vernon Brown to come over and play, so we did as we played my grandmother who lived upstairs, and we lived in the middle part of the home yelled out for me to come upstairs so I told Vernon I would be right back. My grandmother asked who the stranger was I said his name was Vernon from school, and she said we do not have strangers over he would have to go home I respected what she said even though I did not understand and felt very uncomfortable I did what she said. Back then kids were resilient and tough, and it did not bother either of us, so I walked Vernon through the woods a shortcut to his home, even though I just did not agree with it. As I got older, I went to high school, and I could see how race and ethnicity had many issues with getting along together and did not understand or agree with it at all. At the end of High school, I had to decide if I wanted to go to culinary art school, I would need to have the money to do so, so I joined the US Navy. Boot Camp 1981 Wow finally, a wake-up call for the men in Company C200 we are all equally useless until we can show that we are ready to serve in the US Navy and that no matter who we are, what color, race, or religion it did not matter, we had to learn that we are here to follow orders and to finish the job given to us. Once deployed it all came together (we) that is the military the one percenters of America came together and did what we were tasked to do regardless of what we felt, we had each other’s (back) and called each other’s (six). We always had each other’s six no matter what it was built into our DNA a sense we are all in this together and the only way out is together. After 20 years of service, I look back and now forward and I see that the real world does not have each other’s six and very seldom seen or practiced. I believe that traveling the world and seeing the good the bad and the ugly and having your brothers from different mothers and having your six made life tolerable and manageable and gave most of us a good sense of what it means to be a good human, we always hoped for the best, looked for the good and made the best of most situations. Life has its extremes, there will always be good and evil the key to being a good human is to always look for the good help others, and have their back / six. What will make a difference as a good human is to always try to look for the positives in the most trying and difficult situations, evil will always try to take you away from that focus, so remain strong and have each other’s back/six it will change your life as a Human.

Aviation Show

Love You Like A Human


Our stories focus on specific individual experiences, examining their perspectives and the challenges that they face.


Capture the Beauty


"I'm 24 years old and a mother to a child named Khloe, who is 3. I adore photography! I've been in several abusive/traumatic situations and always look to help anyone in that situation. I hula hoop in my spare time as therapy and love traveling and meeting new people. "

Be Kind To One Another

"We are from the island nation of Palau, and came to the U.S. for educational/career opportunities.

We thought the U.S. was diverse and open to different people from other cultures, but we encountered a situation where we were told to go back to Africa.

It is so sad to know how ignorant a few people are, but we have hope in humanity that all human-kind can embrace different colors in life."

"I am 23 years old, gender fluid, and asexual. I am Jo.


​When i was 19, I was hit by a drunk driver on my way home from work, the aftermath of the accident has left me with severe back problems, but despite the hindering movement and daily struggles, I refuse to let it keep me from chasing my dreams or my passion for an art career.

 Along my journey, i met friends who have become my family, and thanks to them, I am in a better place in life."


I AM Brittany

"I refuse to let all the darkest parts of my life and the worrisome negative thoughts keep controlling my life. My story can't be written for Anxiety because I battle it every day, I fight against it, not settle with it. My life story is not over yet; I'm a survivor, not a victim. I chose this most highly coveted ornamental orchid to represent my life. The delicate, exotic and graceful flower represents love, luxury, beauty and strength. As a Woman and Human Being I strive to bloom, as diverse as the orchid family,  we as Humans have been planted on this earth to maximize and develop into what I would consider an orchid. Never judge a human by their roots; instead shine some light and watch them bloom.."



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"Well, I was diagnosed with Cervical/Ovarian Cancer at 15 years-old. I was home-schooled to continue my education after surgery. I immediately started chemotherapy, and treatment lasted six months. I lost all my hair and lost a total of 113 lbs. Though the road was tough, I graduated top 3 % of my class and served as the Senior Class President. I received the Kansas Scholar award, along with many others. Cancer was a battle that couldn't keep me down. I wasn't supposed to have children and as of today, I have two healthy girls who enjoy life. We Won!"
















1. Jessi

1. Jessi



"Here at L.Y.L.A.H., we believe in one thing, which is simple, love. We want to share our stories, our lives, our failures, our tears, and our joys, to come together and realize that we are all human, we all share the same heartbeat. Even though we are going thru separate journeys, we are on the same path, the path of happiness, the way of love, the direction of acceptance, to love ourselves in our skin, we believe that this is possible and we're here to guide the way. "


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